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Friday, July 15, 2011

CONGRATULATIONS! You are now free to be as happy or as miserable as I am at any given moment!

Well, July 24th marks the calendars of many in the state of New York. I'm sure that every calendar, paper and electronic, is highlighted in every possible color for hundreds, maybe thousands throughout the state. It's the day that many will cry with long awaited joy to publicly claim the RIGHT TO BE LEGALLY BOUND TO ANOTHER IN MARRIAGE!
That's right, folks, the state of New York's clerk's offices will be back logged with marriage licenses to fill for many weeks to come as gay men and women flock to the steps of their local court house to legally commit themselves to the person they choose. It's a long awaited day for many and a disgrace that they have had to wait for so long.
Some of you may disagree, and that's fine, but who are any of us to say that 2 people that are in love are not allowed to marry?
Just think, it wasn't long ago that the government refused to recognize the right of 2 to marry due to their skin color, or refused to allow some to vote for the same reason, OR refused to allow some to vote because they DIDN'T HAVE A PENIS! Why is this any different? Because they can't reproduce? BULLSHIT! There are many men and women out there that are sterile, do we refuse them the right to marry based on the fact that they aren't capable of adding to our already overwhelming population? No, so why is this any different?
Judges from all over NY are volunteering to work on Sunday, 7/24/11 to allow these couples to publicly proclaim their love for each other and have it legally recognized by the state. Regardless of these judge's personal beliefs, they will be working over time (not sure if they're getting paid) to officiate these weddings and be witness to millions of tears cried in relief and joy. If I had the financial ability, I would go to NY and high five every one of these judges personally for their commitment to their position, no matter their personal feeling on this matter. I would double high five the ones who don't personally agree with it, solely because there are many that would allow their personal view to interfere with their duty as a public servant and they aren't part of that category.
So, on that note, I'm going to feed my hungry, close to rebellion minions and be happy for the miserable company I will have from many states away in a very short time. lol Now, if only Florida's law makers and voters would pull their heads out of their asses long enough to do the same, it would be an even better day, but until then, my kids and husband and I have our signs ready for the next protest and we're waiting for an opportunity to support our same-gender oriented friends in their pursuit of wedded bliss. (Boy are they in for a big surprise. lol)
The adventure of another day begins now......

For more on the Judges plans and the story mentioned above, go the the NY Times link down in the comments to read the story. I hope it makes you smile and tear up like it did me. Friggin posting board won't let me paste a link. lol

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