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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Alrighty, then.

So, here's the not-so-skinny. My school semester is coming to a close and I am a bit stressed out and emotional about EVERYTHING. I had a girly break down last week, as I'm sure you've read, if you get the email updates. It was embarrassing and relieving all at once. I also decided that one slack ass webventure wasn't enough and though I should share my limited self labeled wisdom of my "fitness" or wtfe you wanna call it. So, now I have 1 more thing that is a good intention and may very well get shoved to the side, though I hope not, since I find so many other things about fitness more interesting than my life. Plus, I find that it makes me sound more interesting and much less angry and assholish.
Well, that's all I have for now, I'm in a weird anti-computer, but not really/nervous and paranoid place at the moment and this makes it a bit hard to concentrate on being my typical amazingly witty awesome self. Though, no matter what, the awesome is always there, just might be a little in the background today.
Cranky ass, over and out.

I hope you had a great holiday and realized all that you have to be thankful for like my family and I did.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Well, well, well. I told you I was a slacker....

So, for those 3 of you bothering to pay attention first a thank you. Next a sincere apology for the amount of blogging (still hate that word) slack time I've taken. It's been a long while since I've posted, as Crabby McSlacker (see her awesome blog, HERE) aka Dr. J pointed out to me, ever so graciously.
Life has been a series of "OMG"s and "WTF"s and a little "Oooohhh, something shiny"s as of late.
The whole Dad has cancer debacle has come to a head in the last few weeks. I not so recently told you all about the vow renewal ceremony we were planning that we successfully executed and are glad to have over just because of the stress involved, and I've gotten somewhat back into the groove that is my higher education. So, if you wanna know, read on. If not, fine, screw you, go watch some animals duke it out HERE.
First off, my last post was WAY back on Sept. 5th, which you can read right over thisaway where I told you all about my frustrations with missing "friends" and how Dad was recovering after his lung surgery. Well, I still say screw those missing mofos and Dad is doing pretty well.
We found out a little over a week ago that he's in remission for now and that they still want him to go through another 3 months of chemo. The musculo-skeletal oncologist has apparently been jerking him around and delaying telling him that his only surgical option since the cancer metastasized in his lungs is a full amputation. This, for my dad, is NOT an option until it comes to a literal life or death decision. The cancer is dormant, but in his blood stream, so surgery to remove the initial tumor isn't going to avoid another issue like what we faced in the end of July. So, for now, we deal with the 3 month chemo assignment and he is able to get back to work as soon as he's feeling up to it and has adjusted to the chemo.
Next, I mentioned the hubs wanting to have a vow renewal ceremony, which we did. The ceremony was wonderful, short and sweet. The days leading up to it were stressful, busy and full of caffeinated profanity, but we had the chance to write our own vows and share our day with family and close friends, and for that we are truly thankful. (If any of you are interested in seeing the video (maybe a 5 minute clip of the vows) or any of the photos, email me and I'll see what I can do. I may even make all 11 of you readers suffer through it and post it up on here) We had a great time, despite the before and after cleaning and really enjoyed the chance to dress up and show our friends that we clean up well and can still have a relaxed great time, no matter how old we seem.
Now, for the filling in of other life events...
The kids are doing pretty well in school, though the boy seems to be slacking lately. The girl is in the drama club and will be playing the part of Miss Clara in the elementary school production of The Nutcracker. I'm doing alright with my classes, despite the ever growing conspiracy our family vehicles seem to be putting together to stop me from being able to attend classes. And now that the ceremony is over and the cancer treatments are at a somewhat easier to handle level, I'm hoping to be able to concentrate a bit better on acing all of the papers and exams coming up in the next month.
Our vehicles are robotic versions of emotional and mental health assassins, as they decide to break down every friggin time we seem to get ahead on bills and see some type of workable budget falling into place. Xmas shopping has been started, though most of what I've purchased has been clothing and I know the kids aren't looking for clothes for the most evilly commercialized holiday in US history, but oh well.
On the weight loss front (or plateau, whatever) I'm kind of in a holding pattern for the moment, but hope to once again be kicking Jillian Michaels' recorded toned ass at some video at home workouts. I'm in that weird between size just before being able to solidly claim single digits for the first time since discovering my first "with child" status at 19. I am not really dieting, per se, but trying to limit the amount of potentially deadly  bullshit food that makes it to my mouth. Though, for some reason, I have found that increasingly difficult over the last 2 weeks. I am not denying myself the "treat" type foods, but trying to balance them with my love for fruit and veggies and healthier alternatives to the crap my family would like to eat every day.
It would also be good to note to SOME CERTAIN BLOG OWNERS/AUTHORS, that I am becoming increasingly more interested in health and fitness blogs and it's not fully due to their giveaways and penchant for obtaining free crapatolla from different manufacturers to review and tell us peons of every day life about, but I am actually finding an interest in these things. Whodathunkit, right? I am finding that since leveling off at the weight loss place I am in, that I am no longer losing ridiculous amounts of hair or suffering the spontaneous loss of a toe nail here or there and have officially come out of the weird possible stage of amenorrhea I seem to have been placed in. (this happens post-puberty more often to women in hard core military training or with eating disorders or training for stuff like marathons, but is a stage where a woman's body stops menstruating due to the loss of an unusually large amount of body fat, a hormonal imbalance and sometimes illness. My situation was from the unusually large percentage of body fat loss in a short period of time, from what the Dr said.) While my cycle has returned to somewhat normal, I kind of miss the days where it wasn't a real worry, but I know that it wasn't really a sign of being truly healthy, though doc said it needn't worry me since she sees me as healthy.
So, now that you know I have my once monthly angry uterus syndrome back, an odd craving for shitty food, a dad in remission and 2 broken as vehicles and just about everything else any other stranger never really needed to know, feel free to leave your thoughts below in that there comment box. And if you feel so enlightened, link some friends back to this place of incessant and narcissistic rambling so they can have a look see, but please don't post it all over the evil that is facebook, as I do tend to say a few things here that I would prefer certain family doesn't discover. This is my safe place, and if family invades, no one is safe.
So, go out and have a great week and an awesome adventure, and try to keep it legal and then come tell me all about it. I'm off to go stalk someone else's much more awesome blog life for a few.