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Monday, September 5, 2011

Hello, again. It's been quite a while....

Well, yeah, I'm a slacker, what more do you want from me?
So, as I said before, when I first started this "interwebby journally wannabe diary" I tend to dive in head first and then lose steam. Well, here is your proof. It's been a few weeks since I've posted anything, not because I didn't want to, but because I just got caught up in more of life's bullshit.
Since the last time, Dad's restarted chemo and is doing alright, kids have started back at school and so have I. We're doing alright so far. New schools for the kids=new frustrations with everything from new schedules to effed up car lines and retarded "staging areas" in the mornings. I may not agree with the crap they have to do at school, but I have to support it, even while calling it stupid. I've been working out more than ever and loving it while cussing at Jillian Michaels and her perfect body assistants in her DVDs.
I've also found our frustrations increasing with every day. Money is low, bills are high, car isn't wanting to function properly, temps are rising outside and the air in my house still hasn't gotten fixed.
As far as the money goes, we found ourselves in quite a tight spot. I got to the point of needing to find outside assistance and decided to turn to the community assistance programs. What a crock of bullshit. I understand that there are rules and regulations in place so people don't continuously take advantage of a system meant to help people out and not allow them to just sit on their asses. The only thing I have a serious problem with is that there are way too many people that do exactly that and that causes those of us that don't to not qualify for any help. I ran into the problem of these programs only assisting those that already receive assistance through the state, or falling into a low income category. Now I get it that people in a low income situation need the help, but so do people that don't meet that cut off and now they're in a short term financial situation where they need a little help. GODS FORBID that anyone try to go out of their way to try to change this rule or that the utility companies try to work with you. Then it would effect their multi-billion dollar revenue. Bastards.
Anyway, now that I've ranted about that long enough, onto the working out...
I finally stopped to think about it the other day and overall, I believe I've lost around 80 lbs. Now this is an awesome thing for me, but I would like to take a second to say a huge "FUCK YOU GUYS" to all of my friends and family that never told me that I was the size of a fucking garbage truck. I mean, COME ON! There's no way that you could have cushioned the blow a little and at least said something along the lines of "hey, when was the last time you went to the gym? We should work out together and motivate each other." I wouldn't have taken that as a "Damn, girl, do you even speak anymore or is everything just mooing now? You really do qualify as Cow status now" I mean, seriously! But anyway, so here I am, having lost about 80 lbs in about 7 months and I feel great. I'm healthier (I know, I can hear the groaning) I am definitely much stronger and can actually do 50 girly style push ups. Yes, girly style because I don't know what's wrong with my shoulder that doesn't allow it to push my weight back up in a full military one, so here I am doing the girly ones. I've been doing the 30 Day Shred for about 2 weeks and decided to jump up to the Ripped in 30 today. Man, it's kicking my ass, but I feel great when I'm done. I also ran a full 2 miles yesterday in 19 minutes. Only walked a total of 3 blocks through the whole thing which I guess means I didn't run it ALL, but close enough, dammit! I'm that much closer to running the 5K for the ACS Making strides walk in October and SO FREAKING CLOSE to a single digit pants size, it's killing me.
Hoping to score a copy of P90X this week to try out and see if I can't get super jacked by the time the husband and I decide to renew our vows on Nov. 5th.
Fingers crossed.
Well, enough of my inane rambling. I'm off to do something much less productive. Go out and cause some trouble and let me know how it worked out. But don't ask me for bail money, cause I definitely can't help you there.


  1. So if keeping up with the blog is too much of a pain in the ass, I think you should take your insanely brilliant wit over to my blog and just hang out there and entertain me in the comments! Every time you stop by I am amused/amazed.

    So this is actually Crabby from Cranky Fitness, but there's no name/url option in the comments and I'm too lazy to log out and back in to my blog I.D. Ya know where to find me.

  2. LOL, Thanks, Dr. J/Crabby/Woman with Dissociative Identity Disorder. lol I know, I've been quite the slacker when it comes to this blog and it's not intentional. Life has gotten in my way as of recently. Lots of changes and getting screwed going on, but be ready. I plan to update over this coming weekend, now that things are all slowing down just a tad. (well, for at least a week before the holidays hit)