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Monday, August 1, 2011

It's been a few days

And I really don't have much to say at the moment. Just going through the motions and doing what I need to do, I guess.
Got a bit of school shopping done for the minions, got a few things for me. Got back into running and no pain, yet. Went to the gym today, LOVE the gym. Oh and scored an XBOX 360 from a friend for helping her move. Just wish all the crap for it wasn't so damn expensive.
Gonna try out the NFL Training Camp game on the Wii tonight, too. Finally got a used one for pretty cheap, so I'm excited about that.
Other than that not much going on. Dentist appt for me and my kids tomorrow and Dad has 2 Dr's appts next week, so that's gonna be a crazy week.
Looking forward to getting back into the school routine this week, we're going back to school bed and wake up times. We need the practice, desperately in time to do the real thing before the nightmare begins anew. lol
Well, off to makey da dinnah.
Have a great week!


  1. I had planned on a light visit, but your post about your dad changed all that! I'm so sorry. I've seen my share of misery, but it is a sadness that never lessens.

    I do like that even if you put your foot in your mouth, you have the courage and commitment to shove it all the way to the knee :-)

  2. Well, thanks for the visit, Dr. J. Feel free to check in from time to time, my posts are intermittent at best, but some can be fairly entertaining.
    As far as the foot-in-mouth syndrome goes, I have a philosophy for everything in my life, Go big or go home. In that instance, I ALWAYS go big.
    Have a great day!