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Friday, August 5, 2011

I'm gonna need a MUCH larger plate...

So, here we are a few days later and it's not that I've been quiet, just a bit distracted. I'm not so great with keeping up with leisurely journals and this is no exception.
Anyway, here's what this last week has brought in to add to an already "up in the air" feeling of mild chaos...
My husband has mentioned a time or two that he wanted to renew our vows on or around our 10th Anniversary. I figured it was just a passing thought and didn't breach the subject for fear of being taken down when that boat capsized. Well, what do I know? I should have because 1 week ago today it was brought up again. This time with a little more intent to actually discuss it. So here I am, gearing up for the kids and I to start back to school, hunkering down for whatever news my father's oncologist is going to throw at our faces and he drops this steaming pile in my lap.
Well, have I got news for him. It's not gonna be like the original wedding. OH NO. He's gonna have to put some work and thought into it too. I've got tons of things bookmarked, I know what colors are needed, I have found a few dress styles, (way less than formal, not that the first time was very formal anyway), I've found some music and I wrote some semblance of what I want to say. He has chosen the perfect song, though. He asked me to look up the lyrics to Sugarland's "Stuck Like Glue" and I did. While I don't like country music AT ALL, it's perfect. So that's 1 song down and I have a few others in mind I would like played. Other than that, the only thing I've decided is that the kids will be involved and that there will be a short form of a hand fasting ritual done. (It's an old Celtic pre-marriage ritual that I'm changing up to suit us and our relationship)
Now, onto the really important stuff. Dad seems to be recovering from surgery fine, physically, but I'm worried about his depression. He still has his sense of humor, but his worry shows on his face almost always now. He got some not so great news the other day, but as I've said, he hears 1 bad thing and stops taking in the information and I didn't know there was an appt or I would have gone. He does have appt's this coming Wed that I am going to, so we'll see what's said then. Hopefully Doc isn't king of the douches that day or I may end up in jail and that would just suck. His musculo-skeletal oncologist is the problem and that's the first appt of the day, then we go to his pot-op with the thoracic surgeon at Moffitt. So next week is full of awesome anxiety.
My son also has a consult with an orthodontist the day after. OY! AND my mother and I are going to go to bridal shops for me to try a few different styles of dresses on to figure out what works best for me. We've talked about getting a driver and taking shots during this process because neither of us do the girly thing well and we like to make jokes about horrible dresses. This is much easier when there's liquor involved.
So, I'm taking these next 2 days to just kind of put around the house, get some cleaning up done and try to ignore the feeling of impending doom, cause come Tuesday, all bets are off and I'll be lucky if I breathe for 3 days.
Well, enough of my blathering, time to shower and become a part of the living world, I guess. Have a great weekend, all. Well, if you do that sort of thing.

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