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Thursday, July 14, 2011

In the beginning, Sinner created this blog.....

A friendly hello to my exactly ZERO readers! lol I'm starting a new venture in blogging. Not that my verbal diarrhea in real life isn't enough, but there are some things that I just can't or won't say out loud or to certain people for various reasons. While I may be a total foot-in-mouth abrasive Aries, I do have a conscience and a minimal amount of tact and my parents and grandparents did teach me manners. (even if I don't always use them)
So, here's the skinny/deal/break down/411 on my thought for this blog (I really think that's a dumb word):

This "space" has been created as a place for me to vent, complain, gloat, whine, philosophize, plan, replan, muse, and just generally get things out. I plan to share my thoughts, ideas, feelings, failures, accomplishments, dreams, fears, frustrations, adventures, escapes, cool new crap I find or buy and just generally my life story. This is a place where I will document, however inconsistently, my trials, tribulations and victories of life as a mother, daughter, wife, sister, student, friend, and all around super-awesome ass kicking person.
The few people that will read this need to know a few things about me and what will go on at this here cyber documentary, without film:
1. I cuss... A LOT, so if vulgar language bothers you, you may very well want to skip reading my postings and find something a little less brash.
2. I tend to be angry and negative, A LOT. I've had some serious issues with trying to be the nice positive person people want me to be, so after 20 years of trying to change who I am, I've decided that I'm just gonna "do me" and say what I want and be who I am and the people who don't like it or me can find someone else to be around.
3. I'm a Pagan, not Christian. While I appreciate and try to respect all religious views as much as I can, the one thing I can't deal with in a tactful manner is people telling me that I'm wrong for believing in what I do. If you plan to preach or proselytize to me, please keep your virtual mouth shut and work on someone else that may consider converting to your belief system. I will NOT be born again, I feel I was born right the first time.
4. I'm a mother of 3 and a wife, but I am NO Suzy freaking Homemaker or June freaking Cleaver. I complain about my husband and children FREQUENTLY. While I DO LOVE THEM and would die for them without a 2nd thought, they irritate me quite often. Some of the time, it's over petty little things, but I will probably offend some and anger others with my parenting and wifely philosophy.
5. ***I WILL BE CUSSING QUITE FREQUENTLY*** This means that this is not a "family friendly" reading place and children under 16ish shouldn't be here reading my horrible language. Plus, you wouldn't want your kids to turn out like me, cause I'm a bad influence, so I'd go ahead and make sure that you use parental controls on your computer if it's shared with kids. lol
6. I'm dealing with a lot of stress, so be prepared to "hear" some things that may make you mad, sad or gasp. I'll most likely be telling you about it here.
7. I have a Facebook and a Twittter account. Twitter is open to anyone wanting to follow, though I don't do much Tweeting, I mostly just follow people there, but once in a while, I have something I feel the need to share with the celebrities that don't follow me back and go ahead and post it. My Facebook account is for people I know in real life, not really for the general populace that just wants a "friends list" of epic volume. I won't be posting a link for it and if you do friend request me, please know that if I ignore or refuse to approve you, it's simply because you may be a crazy stalker and the longer I can go without shooting someone in the face for attempting to rob my house (even though we really don't have much of anything of value) for my children to witness death before their eyes, the happier parent I will be.
8. I have very strong points of view, political, religious and personal. Please don't feel that it's necessary to attack me over them, as I'm 100% positive someone out there will get all "militant fundamentalist" on me and it's just gonna end badly.
9. I'm pretty angry at the moment, about many things. Be prepared to read about them all, cause I don't plan to hold back very much. I have no shame in my feelings and I also don't seem to be able to control them well. I figure that I'm old enough to own them and face whatever consequences my words and actions bring.
10. I'm a student, full time. My time, come Aug 22 may be limited, so this blog may fall to the wayside often. If you're following it and I haven't posted in a few days and you're actually curious about what's going on, feel free to ask me to post something. It may be short, but most likely it will be a friggin novel, kinda like this.

Now that I've covered all of that, think about it and figure out if you can deal with it, or if you are curious and feel free to come back... Or not, whatever. I'll continue to write anyway.

Now go have an adventure, but be careful, there are a lot of crazy people out there. (And you just read a posting from one of them)

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